I am writing to you because the Hunting Act is in urgent need of strengthening, to enable the authorities to clamp down on illegal hunting.

At present, hunts can escape prosecution – and nearly always do - by cynically claiming their pursuit and killing of a hunted animal was “unintentional”. This nonsense is enabling hunts to carry on as if there were no ban at all.

80% of the British public support the ban, but hunters appear to believe they are above the law. 50,000 hunters signed a Declaration before the ban came into force stating they would defy it, and continue to hunt as before, thus displaying their total contempt for democracy.

Please support my call for a strengthening of the Hunting Act and encourage the Government to review the law with a view to making it easier to prosecute illegal hunting.  

For further information please take a look at campaigntostrenthenthehunting

 Yours sincerely

POWA Limited, Company No. 6687073 Registered address: Protect Our Wild Animals, 77 Hampton Crescent East, Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 6RG

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